Top 5 Ethical Shopping Apps You Need to Know

by | Jan 28, 2022

We are going through an ethical and eco-friendly fashion revolution. Over the last decade the consumer driven fast fashion world has brought a lot of devastation to the planet, both in creating unmanaged landfills and relying on cheap labor for production. Now there is an ever-growing awareness to be more thoughtful when it comes to shopping for clothes. We are loving this! Let’s see one of the best vegan apps.

No matter where you are on your vegan and ethical shopping journey, it’s always useful to have notable and reliable resources to help you guide you through the process. In this article we are sharing with you our 5 favorite ethical shopping apps that you need to know right now! Especially if you are #stayingathome and looking to do some essential shopping.

1) Good on you (app + website)

Good On You is a directory of (pretty much all) brands, with ratings on their environmental initiatives, their animal usage stand and their labour practices. The website rates brands on a 5 step range, from “We Avoid” to “Great” helping you understand better whether a brand is truly ethical or not. Their rating system is  based on the information available on the brand’s website and certifications, such as OEKO-TEX, GOTS, etc. You can either search by brand name or category, so you can see if your favorite brands are ethical or not, and if not, they will make suggestions of better alternatives. They also offer detailed explanations of their choice of rating and they will compose lists of ethical brands they endorse! One downside of this website/app is that their directories aren’t updated often, so some ratings might not be up to date!

2) GoodGuide (app + website)

Good Guide is a database with thousands of household, beauty, self cosmetic products that helps identify hazardous products/ingredients and help switch to cleaner purchases! By consulting chemists, toxicologists and other experts, they have developed a rating  identifying the level of hazard of using each product, on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the cleanest, and 1 being the most dangerous. Similar to Good On You, they have also compiled lists of user-friendly, non-hazardous items that you can choose for your next purchase. The app also lets you scan the items you already have in your home, or you find at the store, so you can make the best choices instantaneously! In order to remain transparent they also give a full ingredient list with the level of hazard next to it, so you can learn more about common hazardous elements  found in our everyday products.

3) Wearwell (website)

WearWell is an innovative way of shopping ethically and hassle free. By becoming a member for $8.5 a month, you can create a profile with details on your style, what you are looking for and your sizes, and then a personal stylist offers you suggestions from ethical and sustainable brands. You can then choose which items you’d like to try out while using your $8.5 credit, paying the rest and getting free shipping. However, they do not mention which brands they work with, so if you’d like to find out more about their ethical and sustainability practices make sure you contact them through their website!

4) DoneGood (website)

DoneGood is an ethical and sustainable marketplace based in the US, hosting fashion, homeware, food and many more types of brands like Pact and Ten Thousand Villages. On their website you can truly find everything you desire; shoes, bedsheets, laundry detergent, even chocolate, all of which have clear descriptions on whether they are vegan, eco-friendly, charitable, cruelty-free and/or ethical. What’s even cooler is that you can add them as an extension on your Chrome browser, and it instantly notifies you of a DoneGood approved brand when you browse online (on Amazon, Google, or other retailers)!

5) Buycott (app)

Just like the name suggests, the Buycott app helps you scan products to learn more about their business and ethics, and boycott the company itself if you don’t promote their practices! You can also join campaigns such as “Stop Animal Testing” and get in touch with companies that need to be more transparent. A super easy and fun way to be an activist.

Feel free to let us know of other ethical and sustainable app recommendations down in the comments, and share this list on your own social media to help make the fashion industry a more ethical and sustainable place!

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