Master the Art of Buying Vegan Beauty Products

by | Aug 20, 2022

We all want the best beauty products to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Countless brands showcase their products as “best” in the market. But before you get enticed, assess what type of beauty product you need.

Experts classify two types of beauty care products, animal-based and vegan cruelty-free beauty products. Animal-based products comprise ingredients derived from animals. On the other hand, vegan products consist of purely plant-based materials.

There is less speculation about vegan beauty products because of its cruelty-free nature. Additionally, the process of making these steers clear from animal testing, which endangers countless animals. 

Why should you buy vegan products?

Experts note that the skin absorbs approximately 60% of all products that get in contact with it. These go directly to the bloodstream and are transported to the lungs and kidneys. If your beauty regimen and accessories consist mainly of synthetic acids and chemicals, the side effects could be dangerous once these accumulate inside your body.

This is what animal-based products consist of. They use processed toxins to cultivate animal-based ingredients for human use.

Animal-based beauty products consist of strong chemicals that do more harm than good to the human skin. These are detrimental especially to people with sensitive skin.

For this reason, experts recommend using vegan health and beauty products. These consist of highly potent and natural substances that keep the skin supple and healthy, unlike animal-based products that clog the pores and cause skin allergies. With vegan products, you can rest assured that all of its ingredients are healthy even if it’s absorbed by your skin.

What to look for and what to avoid when shopping for vegan clothing, accessories, and beauty products

Keep a close eye on misinformation and misleading advertisements. Some companies claim their products are vegan beauty products but comprise animal-derived substances. Others even use third-party establishments to have their products tested on animals. Here’s a quick guide to determine if a company sells authentic vegan-based beauty products.

PETA Certification

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an agency that stands against all types of animal cruelty such as animal testing and animal exploitation. If the organization certifies a brand, you can assure that its products are strictly vegan with no hint of animal-derived ingredients. 

PETA understands that not all vegan-based brands are registered. So, they provided a short guide on the ingredients to avoid which are often animal-based. Here are a few: Adrenaline, albumen, allantoin, amino acids, animal fats and oils, bee products, animal husks, bones, and skin. 

Check out Vegan Society Certifications

The certification from the Vegan Society comes in the form of sunflowers on products. It guarantees that a product is 100% natural with no animal-based components. It also certifies individual products that adhere to its requirements.

The best vegan beauty products and accessories on the market today

If you want to start living the vegan lifestyle, start by changing your products. Here are the top brands and products you can try that offers 100% vegan-based beauty products and accessories:

  • Hurtig Lane Watch. If you invest in hypoallergenic and vegan watches, you can avoid rashes and skin allergies no matter how long you wear it. Go to seminars and classes, enjoy them without the incessant itch that animal-based watches can bring. 
  • LaBante Cross Body Bag. Who would have thought that cruelty-free bags exist? To save animals from exploitation, choose vegan-based bags to save wildlife from human cruelty. 
  • Veenofs, Flat Beige. Ready to be formal and on the go? Choose cruelty-free shoes to wear amazing shoes guilt-free. With these plant-based products, you can assure no animal was harmed during the manufacturing process.

The way our skin absorbs substances should make us more critical and meticulous in choosing the best products. To keep your skin glowing and young, shift to vegan-based products by checking reliable vegan websites. In no time, you will no longer worry about clogged pores and skin allergies—vegan beauty products will make sure you don’t experience these ever again. Invest in reliable vegan products to achieve safe and effective results.