Karen Lasta


Karen began her vegan journey in 2008. Back then, veganism wasn’t that easy to pursue, given there was a prejudice against the lifestyle. However, thanks to documentaries such as Farm to Fridge and Forks Over Knives, books like Back to Eden and Counsels on Diets and Foods, plus the support of a few vegan friends, she’s grounded herself with the lifestyle and its holistic principles.

Today, Karen continues to serve the vegan community by writing for vegan businesses and helping them promote their products through ethical digital marketing.

Sharing the same vision with LADY V, Karen contributes by writing the newsletter emails and helping Jelena in ways she can. She also dreams of a vegan planet.

“Veganism is the way to live healthily and fashionably while setting sentient beings free.”

My Story

After experiencing prejudice in the past, it’s now my goal to make this world kinder to everyone, including animals.

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