How to Make More Environmentally Friendly Buying Decisions

by | Jan 7, 2022

With topics like habitat destruction, animal species extinction, pollution, climate change, and deforestation, we can’t help but be concerned about our environment. This is why more and more people are starting to go vegan to protect and conserve the planet’s natural resources. 

Some people are even starting their own line of or curating the best vegan products. But it’s not just them. Even big and established companies are also starting to offer vegan products, such as vegan leather tote bags and vegan shoes. Yes, veganism is more than just about one’s diet. It is a person’s commitment to avoiding any animal-based products, including clothes, shoes, and other accessories that use animal parts like leather. 

And the more people who support vegan companies, the better it will be for the environment.

Why do our buying choices matter?

In this day and age, where climate change is a very real threat, we need to be more conscious of the products we use. However, this may be a bit challenging since we also live in a world where brand matters. Big brands have the budget and resources for expensive ads, which is why they are well known. 

Over the years, these brands have managed to equate leather and fur with luxury and opulence, so much so that people have started seeing them as a social status. There has also been a lot of prejudice against faux leather and faux fur because people think they are not up to par with the ‘real’ thing. But advancements in technology have enabled many manufacturers to create high-quality vegan leather. For example, vegan leather tote bags are just as good as the ones made from animal skin.  

And if you only knew how leather is made, you probably wouldn’t want to buy it anymore. Killing innocent animals for their skin and using toxic chemicals for tanning leather—you should know such details before you buy products made from leather. 

As a consumer, we have a responsibility to choose the products we buy wisely. If we stop buying unsustainable products, manufacturers will also stop making them. We have the power to make a change in the cruel industry called fashion.

Sustainable, eco-friendly products you can choose

Did you know that the leather industry has one of the worst environmental impacts on the planet?

And if you don’t know yet, leather is made from animal skin—usually of cows. But many other animal skins are also used, including kangaroo, goat, fish, and crocodile skin. So, technically, when you wear leather, you are wearing somebody else’s skin.  

Aside from the ethical considerations, we also can’t ignore the environmental harm caused by tanning leather. And it’s especially alarming to know that approximately 80% of conventional leather around the globe is tanned using chrome. This is a highly toxic process that releases significant harmful waste into waterways, which may severely harm the industrial tannery workers–as well as pollute water sources.

Vegan leather is a more sustainable option. It is just as durable and beautiful as conventional leather. There are many vegan purse brands that offer the same level of quality as the non-vegan brands. There are even ones made from plant-based materials, such as cork, pineapple leaves, apple peels, and other fruit waste. Even dog products like collars and clothing can be made from vegan leather! Animal rights movements, vegan companies and animal sanctuaries are also urging us to support vegan organizations and cruelty-free beauty products. Taking the time to visit an animal sanctuary can help you figure out why it’s worth making more compassionate buying decisions.

How our actions impact the world

Our actions—no matter how insignificant we may see them—have an impact on the world. For example, our purchasing decisions can either help solve or worsen climate change and animal cruelty. The more we buy products that use single-use plastics for their packaging, the more we are hurting the environment. Likewise, patronizing animal-based products like meat and leather will only make the industry flourish. Hence, more animals will be killed to satisfy our taste buds and our twisted sense of fashion. 

In contrast, if more people start supporting eco-friendly and sustainably sourced products like vegan leather tote bags, the less demand there will be for products that negatively affect the environment. We need to be more vocal about our advocacy so that we can convince more people to join our cause. 

However, you may feel disheartened that your voice is not loud enough, or you do not have enough influence. You may also feel alone in your fight. After all, what can one person do to change the world? But, remember, it all starts with one. Be the inspiration your friends and family need so that they, too, can inspire others.